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Odessa High School

Odessa High School

November 22,1963

Mike Patterson Class of 1964

"My memory is a bittersweet memory; the day President Kennedy was assassinated we played Permian the same day, We beat them badly (OHS 28 - PHS 6) and also our prom was cancelled. Our quarterback was Billy Parks, fullback: Gene Crawford, Sammy Buford end; Sidney (El Cid) was a running back; Buddy Simmons, tackle; those were the days; I loved 'em."

Historical Note:

On November 24, amid national and worldwide mourning, the president's body lay in state in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. The next day, leaders of 92 nations attended the state funeral, and a million persons lined the route as a horse-drawn caisson bore the body to St. Matthew's Cathedral for a requiem Mass. While millions of Americans watched the ceremonies on television, the president was buried on a slope in Arlington National Cemetery. There an eternal flame, lighted by his widow, marks the grave.

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