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Odessa High School

Odessa High School

Enid, Oklahoma - 1965

George Anderson Class of 1965

... "when our band went to the Tri-State contest in Enid, Oklahoma, we garnered more first divisions that year, 64-65, than any previous band had in Odessa High School history. Mr. Dean was not interested in parade competition at Enid, but when he found out that the Outstanding Marching Band at the competition would march in the parade in front of the Walt Disney Bass Drum, he decided we would march in the parade because we won the Outstanding Marching Band in our class. He had already sent the equipment bus and the uniform bus back to Odessa, and he had to get the highway patrol to stop them and send them back so that we could march in that parade. Know what else? We were chosen the Outstanding Parade Band also, and we had not even practiced for that."

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