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It was one of those great Spring Trips

Teri (Whisenhunt) Radley -- Class of 1980

"It was one of those great Spring Trips and the band was under the direction of Mr. Dean. Everyone respected him and he treated us like we were his own. I wasn't all that talented in the drum section, so I was more than elated when he added the Flag Team! The first year he didn't want us girls to wear those short skirts, plus we had a few guys on our team. By the way the next year, Mr. Dean made it an all girl team and let us wear skirts, but they had to be at a decent length.

When we got to Disneyland to March, Mr. Dean had decided to put us girls on a swirl platform on one of the outside buildings. To our surprise and Mr. Deans, the day we performed, we had a big twirl where we spun the flag up and behind our backs. Well, the overhang of the building was not quite tall enough, so it really looked horrible when all our flags went to hitting the ceiling and hitting our heads, dropping our flags.

It's funny now but we all cried from embarrassment and Mr. Dean apologized and took all the blame.

This man made a big impression on my life and I don't know where he is today, but God Bless Him!"

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