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Odessa High School

. . . and Late for Contest

Shelli - Class of 1986

"I had a good laugh my senior year (85-86) as a majorette. We left the band hall on buses for marching contest and after we got out to Ratliff Stadium and began to warm up on the track, we noticed that one of us was missing. The head majorette called all of us together, counted heads, and sure enough, Patricia wasn't there. We start freaking out--trying to figure out how we could march with 1 less girl and still make it look "even" on both sides of the 50-yd-line. RIGHT BEFORE they called us up, Patricia came running onto the track. Somehow, she had been left behind and LOCKED IN THE BAND HALL when we left. She said that she pounded on the door until a custodian heard her and let her out in time for her to drive her own car out to the stadium and make it! Crisis over, we went on to march for ANOTHER 1st DIVISION."

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